Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays

November 05, 2021

Deck your home with a cohesive seasonal theme! Here are four fresh ideas to try.

Silver palace with a pop

Details: mirrors • glass • silver votives and trays • crystals
Colors: silver • white • grays • pop of coral or red

Use mirrors to play up silver’s reflective sheen, and add a variety of bright, sparkling accents like crystals and glittery vases. For added contrast, mix shades of gray with a punchy pop of color like coral or rich fuchsia.

Outdoor-inspired decor

Details: anything from outside • wooden frames • white votives colors: lush greens • chocolate • matte white accents

Focus on the colors you see outdoors, as this palette could change depending on your location. From lush greenery, branches, and pine cones to starfish, seashells, and driftwood—bring the outside in, and pair with matte white accents.

Warm, cozy, and nostalgic

Details: sweater material • burlap • gold votives and trays
Colors: winter whites • soft creams • warm golds

Get cozy with a variety of candles that vary in height and intensity. Add a touch of nostalgia by using vintage ice skates and sleds for an outdoor display. Take advantage of texture with cozy sweater material, burlap, and branch accents.

Playful, bright, and frozen

Details: fake snowballs • bright bulbs • fun winter characters
Colors: bright aquas and blues • clear-to-bright whites

Perfect for kids of all ages. Have fun with characters like penguins, polar bears, and snowmen. Use your imagination by using jars filled with marshmallows and sugar cubes as decorations. Frame picturesque photos of winter fun.


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